Black Dominatrix

Kinky Black Femdom For Sissy Training

Cruel Ebony Femdoms online for twisted, sadistic play – Welcome To Mistress Eve live domination and slave training on webcam. Mistresses love humiliation,cei and edgeplay as well as cock and ball torture. Are you ready slave to hand over your life to a strict black female dominant? Then step inside and find out what it is like to become mistreated, used abused and degraded We are waiting to begin your lifelong training, slave contracts, financial ruin and ass whipping is all part of your training.

black dominatrix

Knowing your place in our Ebony Femdom Chat Rooms

When you just know your place will always be exactly as your Dominatrix tells you, you are under her control now and no matter what you feel or think or say it will now always be ignored because you are worthless and of no use to anyone anymore.

Spanking training is always used when it comes to abusing pathetic creatures like you. the dominatrixes live will always make you aware of what is expected of you in any cam session so be prepared to submit to your superior right away loser.

With their big black booty, huge black tits, and powerful stance, you will quickly know where your place is when in the presence of a superior female like this. Authority oozes out of them. They thrive on control, especially over white male slubs and trailer trash white sissy girls. Get ready to meet cruel black femdom women in all their sadistic glory right here

Whips And Chains Excite Me

Cock and ball torture, edge play and humiliation are just some of the things on a Mistresses agenda when it comes to playing with her new possessions. Yes, you are her little toy, her sex slave, her object her thing, she can do whatever she wants with you now and you have no say. She will dress you like a sissy girl, spank your ass and feed you baby food or dog food, the point is she can do whatever she wants with you. You will sign a contract to say you now belong to her and you will do whatever she says from now on.

We love to cane a juicy ass, bending you over the crate spreading your legs and warming up the cane before we make you start to count each and every stroke that lashes that ass of yours. 1mistress, 2 mistress and the big red welts start to appear as Mistress laughs and continues with the strokes, not before dragging her long fetish nails down your bottom for extra effect.

These women command respect and have zero tolerance for disobedience or slaves who don’t worship the very ground they walk on. They are badass Women with an agenda to get what they want at all times, are you ready to submit to your superior goddess. Are you ready to have your limits pushed out with your control with no safe words? You can view our big tit girls  who enjoy teasing you with their boobs till you beg them to stop

What Happens in  black Mistress Session

Ever wondered what exactly happens when you enter a BDSM session with a black Mistress? Have you wondered whether she prefers to humiliate white slaves or white sissy sluts? Well, the answer to that is yes she does, her superior knowledge and understanding of BDSM and knowing how inferior white weak male slaves feel around black females, this gives her all the power she needs.

  1. Cock and ball torture – She whips, spanks and tortures your cock and balls  ( cbt)
  2. Tease and Denial – She teases you while in her outfits and controls your orgasm and wanking
  3. Jerk off Instructions ( JOI) This is where you are instructed on how to wank, how fast, how slow, to start to stop  – which leads to edge play, cum control and ruined orgasm scenarios
  4. Whipping, flogging -caning – Using all sorts of implements to make you suffer
  5. Humiliation – Small dick, forced feminization, cuckold, sissy, cum eating
  6. Strapon  Training – Your ass belongs to these strong superior Females, They pound and stretch  it and make you their little white bitch
  7. Fetish – No matter what fetish or fantasy you may have these Mistresses are always prepared to make them become a reality from smoking, foot fetish, latex, leather, rope and bondage.


The black Dominatrix is very empowering, wearing leather and latex with thigh high boots, walking around holding her whip and verbally abusing you by describing in detail what she will be doing to you, can feel very intimidating, you just have to see some of the pictures of some of these goddesses slaves and sissy girls to see for yourself what you can expect from her live shows and sessions whether it be online or via her dungeon you really will be left in no doubt as to who is in charge. You  Can out black femdom women here or view our sexy ebony cams section here

This Cruel, Sadistic Mistress In the Picture 

cruel ebony mistress

This powerful Black femdom, is nasty and she knows when she starts with her verbal degradation of you, that she will have you in tears, from queening you, to stand on you, to kicking you hard in the balls, or even forcing you to dress like a sissy slut and sending you out to suck black men’s cocks, these females know the buttons to press. You can also check out our black girls – ebonyoncam

They use every trick in the book to get what they want, from blackmail to financial ruin. These females have a certain aura around them that screams out authority and obey. These powerful superior females always set the bar higher than it needs to be because they are boundary pushers.

When they start the training session with from their very well equipped BDSM dungeon full of whips, chains, canes, cages, St Andrews, cross and bondage board they get a real thrill when you see their playroom and realise at this moment what your fate will be.

So what Equipment is in a BDSM Dungeon then?

Great question and keep in mind every dungeon is different and every Mistress has different ideas of what her punishment tools should be for her particular slaves. But we will list below some of the more popular items you can expect to find in any dungeon or fetish playroom/club