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Our Femdom cams are online with the cruel, evil Mistresses who love to take charge in a live domination webcam show. Bdsm cam training at its very best with some sexy female dominants who want to make your life a misery slave. Cock and ball torture, ballbusting, edge play and control are all on the menu for these live Mistresses

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Chubby Mistress

Some of the most dominant women around are the BBW’s. Maybe it is their bigger size or maybe they just learned to be more assertive through not having to try to look perfect for all the dumb jocks. But whatever it is, if you are a submissive male and you like fat women then you are in luck. Because we have access to the strictest, most heartless and most severe chubby femdom cams mistress’s on the internet.

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There are dozens of strict dominant bbw females online right now and each one loves nothing more than to have a skinny little weedy male crawling around the floor. They love making them kiss their feet and their cankles and worshipping their boots that go all the way up to their thunder thighs. They love turning around, leaning forward to stick their fat ass out and ordering you to bury your face in the fat of her arse. And thanks to glorious HD femdom webcams, you get this site in all its magnificent glory.

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Strict and demanding, these bbw femdom women take no prisoners and if you enter their dungeon, you are entering the lair of a woman who will take control over your very soul. With nothing more than the purse of her lip, she will have a skinny little dude like you on your knees and ready to worship her massive body. Imagine laying on your back as she towers over you. Puts a foot either side of your chest and squats her massive ass right onto your face. Suffocating you and as you lie squirming and struggling she laughs and cackles with sadistic pleasure. well, this can happen to you.

Because in little more than two clicks of your mouse you can be in the hands of a superior fat mistress webcams domme who will control you, manipulate you and dominate you till you are giddy with the taste of it and you will be unable to break free from her enchanting spell.

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Mature Mistress

For the strictest and most severe Mistress who will beat your ass, torture your balls and humiliate you till you cry rivers of tears then you should visit an online mature mistress webcam domme.

Because a lifetime of raising snot-nosed brats has taught these dominant females the perfect way to dominate and control snivelling little inferior males. These older dommes take no prisoners and they are among the most severe and strict dominatrix’s you will ever meet.

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If you like your Mistresses to be older then you are in luck. Because on this site, you will find dozens of strict and harsh dommes who love to dominate men and humiliate and degrade them. They love how they can make you squirm on live cam as the scold you like the naughty little boy you are. They adore watching you fidget as they reprimand you before they put you across their knee for a sound spanking. Well, if your going to behave like a naughty little boy then you will get treated like one.

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Mature women carry with them a natural aura of dominance and the old ladies on this site are no different. They ooze power and control and the second you enter into a private one to one femdom webcam session then you will know you are in the presence of true superiority. They all have the knack of dealing with squirming inferior male subjects down to a fine tee and they will not allow you any leeway. They take swift and decisive action against any wayward slaves who backchat or show insubordination.

From strict soccer moms to older office dominatrix’s and right up to mature mom domme and even granny femdom, if you have a thing for being dominated by a superior mature lady dominatrix then this is the site for you.